Bing Desktop Review

Always open to new things, I thought I would try out the Bing Desktop.

What a mistake.

It really clogged up my system. On par with Google Updater as a cycle hog. My poor hard drive emitted sounds reminding me of Google Updater.

Had it on my system for less than an hour.

I would like to put in a plug for CCleaner. The download can be obtained here:

Two of the features I really like are:


CCleaner Uninstall Screen

The above screen shot really illustrates how simple this tool is to use. While you can uninstall using the control panel, this is a much easier way to go about your work.

Startup Editor

CCleaner Startup Screen

Many programs are somewhat narcissistic and believe they are so important they must always be running on your system. The worst offenders are Google Updater and Bing Updater.

Whenever I notice my system slowing down, I always check to see if something I don’t care for is installed behind my back. As others use my computer, these other people may inadvertently install bloat on my system.

CCleaner makes the task very simple.

Someday I may talk about browser hijackers, but no time today.


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